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How to Make the Colored Vampire Power Up Effect
Author: Hollower
Last Updated: January 16, 2002 at 10:01:07 AM

This began as instructions for Holiday who wanted a blue colored version of the broadsword's vampiric power up. While I was writing I realized it was a slightly bigger job than I first thought and I had to compile the scripts myself to be sure I did it correctly. So I ended up writing this tutorial aimed at a more general audience.

This is mostly a copy-and-paste script job. Not much UScript knowledge is needed. But knowing UScript is how I knew which classes to use, and where to point to them inside the scripts. This idea required several new classes. This tutorial assumes the reader is familiar with the RuneEd class browser, knows how to create new empty classes, and knows how to copy and paste text from one window to another. I didn't cover importing textures. Read a skinning tutorial if you need to know how. Here we go.

IMPORTANT: Use the same package name for all of the new classes you create. If you decide to import a new texture save it in there as well. For this tutorial I used the name BlueVamp. Don't forget. If you accidentally save into RuneI it will damage your copy of Rune.

Create a new class under Weapons->Sword->VikingBroadSword. I named mine BlueVampSword.

Open the VikingBroadSword script and copy the complete SpawnPowerUpEffect() function.

Paste it into the new class.

There is a part that reads class'EffectSkelVampire'
Change it to class'BlueVamp.EffectSkelVampireBlue'
Copy the complete CalculateDamage() function.
Paste it into the new class.

There is a line that reads dam = Super.CalculateDamage(...
Change it to dam = Super(sword).CalculateDamage(...
jumps up one step in the class tree. Since we added this one below and we don't want to do this function twice, we must specify that it is sword we want.)

There is a line that reads vamp = Spawn(class'VampireTrail'...
Change it to vamp = Spawn(class'BlueVamp.VampireTrailBlue'...
Open the default properties for this new sword.

Go to Weapon->PoweredUpSwipeClass.
Change it to class'RuneI.WeaponSwipeBlue'
Feel free to change the PickupMessage to something unique.

The sword is done.

Create a new class under Effects->EffectSkeleton->EffectSkelVampire. Name it EffectSkelVampireBlue.

Once again copy and paste from the original to the new. This time copy the Spawned() function. (it's the only function in there)
There is a part that reads class'CoronaRed'
Change it to read class'BlueVamp.CoronaBlue'

Create a new class under Effects->CoronaRed. Name it CoronaBlue.
Open its default properties. Go to Display->Texture.
For this tutorial I used Texture'RuneFX.lightningcorona'
You might want to choose another or import your own. With the properties window open and a texture selected in the texture browser, pressing the Use button will fill the field with the proper format.

The glow effect is done.

Create a new class under Effects->VampireTail. Name it VampireTrailBlue.
Open its default properties. Go to VampireTrail->SwipeClass.
Change it to class'BlueVamp.BlueVampHealthTrail'

Create a new class under ParticleSystem->WeaponSwipe->WeaponSwipeVampHealthTrail. Name it BlueVampHealthTrail.
Open its default properties. Go to ParticleSystem->ParticleTexture->(0).
For this tutorial I used Texture'RuneFX.beam'

The vampire trail is done.

There are a few things I did not do which I'll leave as a exercise to the reader. If you followed the instructions so far you should be more familiar with the editing process now. There is an effect called VampireReplenish. It is the little red sparks when the vampire trails return. I also did not change the ending pulse effect for which you need two functions PowerupEndingPulseOn() and PowerupEndingPulseOff(). Look at another weapon to see how it's done.

Press F7 to compile the scripts. All done!
This weapon can be summoned in the game as "BlueVamp.BlueVampSword".

[ Click here for printable version ]


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