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Tricia "Kazi Wren" Harris: Site Creator

Kazi Wren began Ragnarok, the first fan site for RUNE, in November 1999. Her support of Human Head Studios led the game developer to offer her the creation and running of RuneGame. Ragnarok's content was rolled into the official game site. Known as the "Dark Mistress," Kazi is responsible for all content on RuneGame and RuneEd, building relationships with other Rune fan sites, and keeping Rune fans happy. In her spare time (yeah, right), Kazi runs other game-related sites, writes articles for gaming press, and plays with her Ragamuffin kitten, Loki.

Don "DarthLoX" Morti: Site Director

Don has been a dedicated Rune map creator and player, since the existence of Rune. Don will be responsible to provide you with level design-related information, through Don has also served as a site manager to RU-Nation. Don greets from Miami, FL and he is an avid Rune mapper/player, and he has been a dedicated computer gamer since 1988

James "Thor" Becker: Web Programmer

Thor is the resident coder on and RuneEd. His job will mainly consist of creating new scripts for the site, as needed. The owner of the Rune fan sites RU-Nation and EvilCity, Thor continues to work with the mapping community through his site. The U.K.-resident is a professional Web designer and avid game player.

Interested in joining the staff of RuneEd, or would you simply like to contribute an occassional tutorial? Contact DarthLoX!

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